Monday, September 8, 2008

you say it's my birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and my family and friends made it an amazing day -- or days rather -- of celebration. Growing up in the Nelson home,your birthday wasn't just one day -- it usually lasted at least a weekend if not a whole week. A HUGE thank you to family and friends, near and far, for making me feel so loved on this "prime" birthday of mine. From the yummy Ledo's pizza to the delicious turkey dinner -- the Cajun Dancing to the performance of "you say it's your birthday", it was all so amazing! LOVE YOU ALL! Here's a little picture chronicle:

A marvelous Mom-esque cake by Cubbie Nelson!

Present opening! You guys shouldn't have!

Bryan's distraction plan prior to blindfolding me!


Blindfold removed, but eyes still closed.

Eyes finally opened to small portraits of yours truly. Please note that the artists were not allowed to look at their papers while drawing. Here are a few favorites.

I'm so pretty!

The note on the back of this one assured me that I was actually prettier than this. :)

This one was my favorite courtesy of Jenica.

I don't know if it was compassion on me or worry that they'd burn the house down, but they scaled down on the number of candles they used. Thanks guys.


More friends!

Ben was so excited about my birthday he could hardly contain himself!

Blue hair and blond curls courtesy of mommy!

and not to be outdone!

And the highlight of the evening! My very own performance by these lovely ladies! Sorry the video quality is poor, but you'll get the idea.



Brit said...

Happy Birthday Darce! I am so unbelievably glad you were born!!

kim said...

That looks soooo fun! I wish I was there :(

Katherine said...

I feel like I was there because it is too weird that i wasn't. i miss everything!!! Utah hates me!