Tuesday, September 2, 2008

good at some things -- bad at others!

So turns out that I’m not good at blogging -- not a total surprise, but I am going to try to redeem myself with some tales (mainly pictures) from the “road”.
1: "Wear An Eye Patch, Brett" -- First thing you should know is that my mom has an entire storage room dedicated to “dress-ups”. My family loves costumes and will jump on any opportunity to get decked out – for airport pick-ups, movies, parties, etc. Halloween is practically a religious holiday for us. We all love it, but my sister has become queen of all costumes. I think she wins every costume contest she’s ever been in and has enough costumes to dress an entire party, which she practically did at her “wear the funky funky eye patch”, David Bowie themed party. David Bowie. Dancing. Abba. And lots of blond wigs – recipe for success?? I think so.
This might be the best picture EVER!
Hmm, maybe it's a tie . . .

David Bowie, The Famous Purple Dress, and Complete Ownership of an 80s Power Dress.

The only thing not great about this night was that this kid, aka my little brother in the orange wig, left me the next day. LOVE YOU SAM!

#2: Liz Has a Birthday and Then Ditches Us for BYU -- you're forgiven but just barely because I'll see you in a month! That other girl is my sister, who is also in trouble for leaving me. Aren't they adorable??

Jim actually took the opportunity to relive his hair braiding days -- not bad at all! This is the type of training that comes with having 5 sisters.

#3 Tim's First Going Away Party -- Anyone sense a theme here?!

#4 The Final Blow -- Katherine Leaves Me: I was so lucky to have my sister Katherine with me this summer. It was the best! Sadly, she had to go back to BYU. Waaa! I can't go on!


kim said...

Those costumes are amazing! I like that jimmie braids.

Sam Hirt said...

Jimmie owns David Bowie

Katherine said...

I likey bloggy. Miss you a billion dollars worth!