Friday, December 5, 2008


So France was amazing. Love it. Want to move there. Been depressed all week that I'm home. Sign of a good trip I think. We started in Provence and ended in Paris. I'll do this in pieces so here is the first one . . .

AVIGNON -- the first stop. We flew into Paris and took a train directly to Avignon -- gateway to Provence. We were exhausted, but we managed to get our car, get lost, and eventually find our hotel, which could not have been more perfectly located. It was the Hotel de L'Horloge and I would definitely recommend it. We visited the Palais des Papes, but mainly just wandered the adorble streets and tried out our terrible French. We also went to church here, which was such a cool experience. The people were amazing. Here are a few pics of

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Katherine said...

Magic land. It looks like heaven. I like those humans of stone-- hot! :)