Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nickle & Dime-ing!

I think it might be in my genes to love all things garage sale, antique shop, free-from-the-side-of-the-road, etc. So here are a few of my favorite “finds”.

One of my first purchases. A $25 chair from an estate sale, where I had to throw a few elbows to capture this gem.

I LOVE this lamp. $2 from my old roommate's garage sale.

A Luckett's Store find. It was being pulled off a truck and I snagged this baby for $10. I sanded down the trim and painted them, and voila!

This was free! I painted it and changed the knobs. They're cute little clocks now.
A craigslist purchase, changed from gray paint with black industrial knobs to cute yellow with flowers.

Garage sale post!

A pair of matching garage sale chairs for a total of $5 with homemade pillows.

A gift from my friend Jill from a garage sale in Amish Country, no less. Scandalous and AWESOME!

Now, who's excited for Garage Sale Season to start?!!!!


Deisha said...

Invite me! Invite me! I need your awesome eye and vision of what could be! I totally need that buffet style cabnet for my dinning room! I am open to any Saturday in April (Jace will be in the library this month!)

Katherine said...

Dude, me! DC area has the BEST garage sales. SO excited!

amylouwho said...

man I wish I weren't about to explode with this baby and then move. I would totally garage sale with you.

Thanks for inspiring me to paint my furniture!